The World's Strongest Magnet

The world's strongest magnet was created in 2011 at Florida State University. The magnet operates at 25 Tesla, which is 500,000 times the strength of Earth's magnetic field. If caught in the force of this magnet it is probably true you wouldn't live to tell the tale.

History of The World's Strongest Magnet

Development of the magnet began in the late 1980's with a mistaken use of a rare Earth material known as Neodymium. Neodymium is a soft silvery metal that is known by the atomic number 60 on the periodic table. Its common uses are not only magnets, Neodymium is also used as a very popular version of glass dye, and the creation of solid-state lasers. The new record breaking magnet shatters the former record of strength, only topping out at 17.5 Tesla.


Application of The World's Strongest Magnet

The creation of the new magnet has in the minds of many should be seen as a revolutionary moment in science. The uses of the new technology are endless for the students and faculty at Florida State who use magnets everyday. Magnets are not only a simple object that attract and hold two things together, they are instruments of of science just like microscopes or telescopes. Magnetism is a very important part aspect of our everyday lives whether we realize it or not. The advancement and strength of this new magnet opens up an entire world of new possibilities for the future.


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