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Acchording to the dictionary of science and technology by Larousse, the term work is one of the manifestations of energy. The work done by force is defined as the product of the force and the distance moved by its point of application along the line of force. (Larousse,
dictionary of science and technology, p1195)

History of (Topic)

Newton came up wth the work formula.
Energy is not that old a word, Thomas Young proposed it in 1807 Initially energy was thought of as the ability to do macroscopic work like the work the kinetic energy of a cannonball can do on impact or the work that the potential energy of a hoisted block of granite can do on falling.
In engineering and sometimes in physics the term used to represent all forms of external energy transfer and used to represent the transfer of thermal energy [18]. This system was satisfactory 150 years ago when it was developed. At that time it was mostly the conversion of thermal energy to external energy that was being studied. There are many other types of internal energy transfer that are not covered in this system.

Work Formula - W= Fs (Force)(distance)

The direction of the force is in the same direction the object moves.
The force pushing a car along a road
Force in direction of motion diagram
Force in direction of motion diagram

Force x distance

Application of (Topic)

The formula work is used in many areas today such as electrical energy, thermal energy, nuclear, and radiation energy alll warm and hot objects transfer energy by radiation. (martain,p 167)


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