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The troposphere is the first layer of the atmosphere, the layer that makes up half of the atmosphere, and is also the layer where you will find clouds and storms.

History of (Topic)

Leon Philippe Teisserenc de Bort was the French meteorologist who discovered the troposphere in 1902. Teisserenc de Bort initially thought that there were two layers of the atmosphere: the troposphere, the "sphere of change," and the stratosphere, the "sphere of layers"
Later on, scientists expanded on de Bort's discovery and realized that instead of two layers of the atmosphere, there are four: the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, and thermosphere.

Application of (Topic)

The troposphere is the atmospheric layer most suitable to sustain life. This later holds the temperature, gasses, and water vapor that we need to survive
( Nearly everything that we do as people and as scientists is done in the troposphere. Everything that we enjoy - such as flying in planes or riding in hot air balloons- is all happens in the troposphere. People don't realize how much they need this layer of the atmosphere, but they should because the troposphere supplies us with all of the gasses that we need to survive.


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