Metamorphic Rock

Metamorphic rock is a rock that was once one form of rock but ha schanged to another under the influence of heat,pressure, or some other agent without passing through a liquid phase.

History of Metamorphic Rock

Metamorphic rocks were formed from igneous and sedimentary rocks under the influence of heat and pressure below the earth surface. sometimes the changes are in the minerals theselves, which turn into other variteties more stable in different enviorment of the earth's intertior; thus shale becomes slate or shist. sometimes the changes are in the characters of the minerals grain, as in the metamorphism of limestone to marble or that of sandstone to quartzite.

Application of Metamorphic Rock

we use metamorphic rocks for many things through out our lives, examples would be:
  • Slate is used to make roofing tiles and in earlier periods of our history was used as "blackboards" in classrooms. As a resource, slate is nonrenewable, but common. Man-made roofing tiles are a suitable substitute.
  • Marble is used as a building stone and as ornamental rock, such as for carving statues. As a resource, marble is nonrenewable, but common. Man-made building stones are a suitable substitute.
  • Quartzite is used as a source of silica; other forms of metamorphic rocks are useful as building components, monuments, counter tops, and facings

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