The mesosphere, meaning middle sphere, is the third layer in the earth's atmosphere. It is located between the stratosphere and the thermosphere and extends from 35 miles above the earth's surface to 54 miles. It is the coldest layer in the earth's atmosphere, with temperatures reaching as low as -130 degrees Fahrenheit.

History of Mesosphere

Currently, there is not much known about the layer of our atmosphere known as the mesosphere. It is extremely difficult to study because there is not many ways of getting scientific instruments there to take measurements. Planes and weather balloons can not get anywhere close to the mesosphere, and satellites do not have the capability of lowering to that level. The only way we can take measurements is by sending up instruments with "sounding rockets." As a result, we do not have a very extensive knowledge of the mesosphere.

external image mesosphere_diagram_big.jpg

Application of the Mesosphere

As was mentioned in the history section, there is not much known about this layer of the atmosphere. However, it is known that most meteors burn up or vaporize in this layer due to the gas particles present in the mesosphere.


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