Mars is the fourth planet from the sun; It's named after the roman god of war and is often described as "red planet." Mars is the only planet that has evidence of water that used to flow in the past.

History of Mars

Mars was discovered in 1609 by Galileo who first saw the planet through a telescope. In 1650, a dutch astronomer, Christian Huygens, discovered how long a day would last in Mars. Then in 1704, Giancomo Miraldi was able to spot polar caps on Mars;and then in 1804 german astonomers made the first map of Mars. However, since Mars can be seen with the naked eye, not just one person can be credited for discovering it.


Application of Mars

Mars does not have a specific thing it is used for, but Mars is used for experiments to see whether life could be possible on the planet. People have thought that life either had existed on mars or can exist because there are signs that water used to flow there. So, Mars has been used to determine a life long debate on if life on other planets is possible.


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