Reuleaux Triangle

The Assignment

Rather than write papers, which only the author and the instructor see, we will write Wiki pages. You may pick topics that are pertinent to the current test material. For test #1 several pages have already been created - you need to pick one and edit the information.


Please use at least one reference from each of these three sources:
  1. Your textbook - good information, succinctly written
  2. The internet -
  3. Books/library resources/scientific journals -

Grading of PHS WikiPages will be as follows:

  • Content (4 points) - Is the topic adequately covered? Is the info factual?
  • Graphic (2 points) - At least one graphic should be included that illustrates the topic.
  • References (2 points) - All information that is not common knowledge should be referenced using the APA style - see
  • Appearance (2 points) - Your page should be attractive and well thought out.
  • Presentation (2 points) - Occasionally we will have group presentations of the Wikis you develop.